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Life is a Highway

Stardate 240211.30: Lt. (jg) Harry Lefler, Chief Navigation Officer's Personal Log

=/\= Holodeck 02 =/\=


Harry nearlly collapsed as a fist hit him on the left cheek. However he regained himself quickly and dodged the next attack form this 'super human'. He had set the enemy on the highest possible level. He had gone against his Vulcan supressions and was now fighting, hand to hand- no advantages, unless you count being 20 times stronger than your opponent an advantage.

His setting was France- eiffel tower- though he had set it to deserted except for him and his opponent. The opponent -male was set to a random skin.

Harry, without hyis Starfleet uniform climbed the steel, support for the upper quadrant of the tower. However his opponent was getting angry now and literally smashed through the bottom of the support buckling it and making Harry let go except for 1 hand.

He was dangling now with nothing except the land 300ft below him. He looked around for another thing it could reach.. but there wasnt Harry looked up and made a grab for where his othr hand was.. but missed. He tried to put his feet on something but there was nothing.

His hand was beginning to slip. His opponent had now began to climb the way Harry had come up. He grabbed Harry's leg and pulled furiously on it. Harry violently lashed out with his foot and caught the man in the eye with his foot. The man yelled out and slumped for a moment # onto the steel support. However, he had begun to rise again.

Harry stared in disbeleif at this.. but then he had set him on the most extreme level... but , he doubted any one alive could withstand someone poking their eye out with a shoe.

Harry looked up at his one remaining hand with about 2mm of spare before he would fall. He looked down at the grass beneath his feet with a few park benches around it.

It was happening- his hand was slipping. He looked back up, when he slipped off. He waited a few seconds of his descent for the computer to end the program... when that didnt happen he suddenly felt alot more vunerable... things suddenly seemed to speed up.. The ground was coming closer.. he was now at a horizontal level.

"COMPUTER END THE PROGRAM!" he heard the sound of the computer acknowledging.

HIs surrounding disappeared and was replaced with the holodeck. However his descent did stop but only for a moment. As the yellow lines faded in he realizerd his was an arms width away from the ceiling.. and over 12ft from the floor. The computer kickedf the gravity back in and Harry fell and landed with a thump onto the holodeck floor.

He shook his head slightly, and lay up. The whole of the left side of his body was yelling at him in pain. He winced slightly as he got to his feet and left the holodeck.
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