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Stardate 240207.24: Ensign Abigail Bryant, Science Officer's Personal Log

=/\= USS Archer =/\=

The Lieutenant that had transported her aboard the ship had kindly brought her possessions to her room for her. She thanked him as he left and turned to survey her quarters. It was definitely more luxurious than any of the quarters she'd had as part of the research team on Earth. She ordered a glass of cold water from the replicator, and set about unpacking her things. She had a little time before reporting for duty, mainly due to the shore leave the crew were indulging in. Whatever gave her more time to explore the place and manage not to get lost seemed like a good idea to her.

She had dropped by the game for an hour or two before she had beamed up to the ship. She hadn't talked to any of the crew, and she hadn't known what was going on a lot of the time, but everyone seemed to be having fun. She had never really understood baseball, never having seen it played or played it herself. She dreaded being roped in the next time round; hand eye coordination was not her best skill. She might end up being court martialed for her performance. Still, sitting in the stands with a PADD of the Archer personnel records she had managed to pick everyone out, and didn't have to worry about forgetting names at least. There was nothing like people shouting at each other to make names and faces stick together.

She unpacked rather sloppily, deciding it wasn't worth the trouble when she would probably change things around as the mood struck her as she was settling in. Besides that, there was one place she was dying to see.

=/\= Deck 6 - Main Science Lab =/\=

She gazed around at the white bulkheads and the sterile looking atmosphere. Despite the fact that it looked spotlessly sterile, it was the most welcoming Science lab she'd ever been in. It didn't fall prey to looking cold (even if the environmental controls had allowed it to) and uninviting as a lot of labs did. She nodded acknowledgement to the Science officer conducting some tests on some rocks samples, and wandered around the lab. She was trying to resist the urge to touch the equipment like a child discovering tactile objects for the first time. However, she allowed herself to gently run her hand over the cool metal surface, and turned to see the Science officer running the tests giving her a funny look.

The labs were impressive and she hadn't even seen the insides of the USS t'Rathna, the Science vessel she believed was attached to the Archer, yet. She was looking forward to that. A whole ship, and nothing but Science. It was like letting Ferengi loose in a room full of gold pressed latinum. She chuckled to herself as she walked down the corridor to the Astrometric lab, but when she got there there was too much work going on in their for her to have a proper look around. Glancing at her PADD, she found Stellar Cartography on it and set off for Deck 11.

<<OOC: Didn't really know how to start, so went for a cop out 'I'm here' log. And it's true about the baseball thing. As a non-sporty kind of Brit simming a New Zealander, I have no clue about it whatsoever. I'm kinda lost So I thought I'd just stalk... *cough* watch you all ;) >>

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