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Stardate 240209.25: Capt. P'lakor Gonai [CO] & Lt. Cmdr. Selin [CMO], Joint Duty Logs

Selin followed the Captain into his ready room. She was surprised to find herself uncomfortable being alone with him. Not that they had any real history to make her feel that way. One vivid dream and a cold night in a cave.

She focussed herself, ignoring the gnawing feeling in her gut.

"Please, sit down Selin" Kor motioned to a chair.

Selin sat, crossing her feet as they hung above the floor. She decided to get this over with rather than have to 2 of them sit there in uncomfortbale silence.

"What did you want to see me about, sir?" Everything in her report was perfectly clear, she could not fathom that he would have any questions regarding it, especially sense he hadn't even read it yet.

Kor looked across at the tiny Vulcan. Since she had come onboard both have changed and both have moved up the so called ladder. He looked at her stoic face but he could sense that she had something on her mind, which was unusual in itself. Selin was definately different on some levels than most Vulcans and for that he truly admired her.

"Commander, as you know Cmdr Triss will be leaving us upon arrival at SB Aurora, and of course you being the ranking medical officer onboard Archer, I'd like to officially offer you the CMO post. If you agree I will forward the nessassary information to Star Fleet.

Also, I'd like to personally thank you for your excellent work during our latest crisis. Your sharp head and professional manner kept things going when it could have gone very bad. Of course I do have one question for you. What's the deal with the command chair?"

"Sir?" Selin wondered if the Captain might need some more sleep. First things first though. "I, along with the rest of the crew and medical staff especially, wish Cmdr Triss the best. He will be sorely missed. Hopefully the time away from a starship will improve his mental condition. I will ofcourse take oven the CMO post officially." Selin had been expecting this, and had been doing the job of CMO for some time, having it official though added more weight to the task. A heavy responsibility indeed, she hoped she was up to the challenge.

"About the chair" Selin didn't pause between to two subjects, leaving Kor no time to speak, even if he had wanted to. "I assume that someone in an unstable frame of mind due to lack of sleep bronzed the chair. I'm sure the computer has a record of whomever requested a bronzing compound."

"Yes, the computer did have a record. It was somebody in an unstable frame of mind. In fact I now realize they do not even remember the event."

Selin was still confused. Why was Kor asking her about the bronzing of his chair? Then, it hit her. "Do you want me to give this crewman a physical? Make sure they have suffered no permanent mental damage? I can assure you that many of the crew who did not get sleep succumbed to psychosis of some form of another. A good night sleep has cured all cases however."

"No that will not be necessary. Thank you for the report. I will inform Starfleet about our new CMO. Congratulations Lieutenant Commander."

"Thank You sir" Selin left the ready room. As she headed towards the turbolift she carressed her bondmate through their link. They would have to do something about their relationship once they reached Aurora. She would speak with Tag as soon as possible.

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