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Stardate 240209.25: Lt. Gerzon Trep, Chief Operations Officer's Personal Log

=/\= Holodeck =/\=

Gerzon entered the holodeck dressed in a for him totally new clothing. He was dressed in a combat vest. Getting stabbed by a spear did many thinks to a man's mind. It did different things to different people. To Gerzon, it had showed the need for a brushup in combat training. Although not the same person, that part had been Gerzon out there. The fact that he lasted exactly about three seconds against a savage hadn't been too good for his self-esteem.

He stopped in the centre of the holo-deck and sighed. He didn;t want someone to find out he was here, so he had taken it off his private holo-time. He sighed again. Hopefully Selin wouldn't be too 'vulcan' when Gerzon would report in with numerous bruises. "Computer, access combat training programs. Level 1." "there are the following programs in combat training level 1. Maclaren Alpha, Maclaren Beta" The computer droned on till sigma. Obviously Commander maclaren had been an expert in writing combat training programs. After that there followed about ten programs from Captain Gonai, which Gerzon was surprised about that it even had a level 1. Following these were five programs used currently for security officers. Gerzon couldn't use those as Lieutenant Yeo would find out probably. Gerzon sighed. But the list wasn't over yet. "Program SalekAlpha. " A program from Fleet Captain Salek? Gerzon was surprised. He knew somethings about the former captain of the Archer, it's first even. "Computer access program SalekAlpha. Authority Trep zero four green nine." "Program accessed."

Gerzon stood in a room, some sort of dojo. It had a general white light shining in from all sides. There wasn't much detail programmed outside the dojo, just white light. There were no weapons on the brown walls. The walls looekd thin, and had no decoration. Salek had written this program purely for some practice probably. Gerzon wondered how often he had used it. "Computer, set difficulty on lowest. configure for average trill strenght." Start slowly his mother had always said. An advice Gerzon should take to his hearth more often probably.

"Select opponent. "
Four opponents came into view at the opposide of the dojo Gerzon was standing in. the first was a vulcan, the second a klingon woman, then a black human and a female bolian. "I'll take the human." Gerzon whispered to himself.

=/\= Later =/\=

Gerzon had taken some of the lessons but he could feel the bruises coming up already. The man he had chosen as an opponent was better then Gerzon. He was bald and didn;t say anything. They had just started fighting. The black man had signalled Gerzon to begin. Gerzon had remembered some of his training but hadn't been able to hit him.

"Don't try to hit me, just do it. " said the man. Gerzon took a stance and attacked. He tried to hit im with a high kick but Gerzon easily got knocked of his feet. For a moment his vision went black and he though a voice say. "Morpheus is fighting Gerzon" and a ruffle of feet as several people ran towards something. A moment later Gerzon's vision returned to normal. He saw the black man jump high in the air to deliver a kick. He hit Gerzon in the chest and Gerzon was thrown back to a wooden part of the wall. Gerzon noticed it was from paper.

He felt bruised. "Computer, end program. " Gerzon decided that brushing up on his combat skills onhis own had been a bad idea.. a very bad one even as he felt the pain in his chest. This was going to be the mother of all bruises.

=/\= Gerzon's quarters a LOT later =/\=

Amily hadn't been happy and Gerzon would probably consider himself lucky it hadn't been Selin who had been on duty. He lay down. He needed some rest and sleep. He had a lot to do on Aurora when they would arrive.

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