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Stardate 240209.25: Lt. James Finn, Engineering Officer's Duty Log

=== USS Archer ===

As the Tall Engineer clipped his Comm. Badge on he had a cheeky grin on his face, he had slept well and was rejuvenated. Strolling out the door he decided to take the route through the Mess Hall, even though the mess hall and Engineering were in opposite directions...

Walking in he received a few nods from other officers. Looking around he saw a few friends and...some muffins on the counter. He walked over to the muffins and conspicuously took one. He was however interrupted by a female, It was Jewles.

"Great Muffins Jewles!" he grinned.

"Well, thank you very much" she smiled back at him. "Shouldn't you be on duty right about..."

"Keith to Finn."

"Now!" she grinned.

"Go ahead sir" James swallowed some muffin.

"I'd like to see you in Engineering, now."

"On my way" James said and Jewles threw him another muffin.

=== Engineering / In the Time it takes to eat a Muffin! ===

Finn walked through the door stretching his arms and heading towards Keith who was seeing to some guy, that suprisedly he didn't know after a year on the archer. Looking around he saw that Keith had already kick started the repairs into overdrive. James figured that Kor didn't want to spend forever at Aurora. As the unidentifiable guy moved off James saw his chance and moved in.

"Ah Finn, good." Molir Paused. "I'd like you to head over to the t'Rathna and compile a full, systems and damage report. Also assess the Engineering Crew over there, I want to know if they are up to the job."

"Aye sir!" James replied quickly. "I'll get right on it."

"Oh and James..." Keith signalled that Finn had a few crumbs on his face. "Use a napkin next time."

James wiped the pieces of rogue muffin from his face and headed out towards the Transporter room.

===== USS t'Rathna ======

As Lieutenant James Finn rematerialized on the Transporter Pad he had an upside down frown on his face, god knows what state the t'Rathna was in. He just had the feeling Keith was gonna assign him to a repair crew aboard here. He nodded to Rachel who was manning the transporter controls and started his stroll down to Engineering. As he roamed the halls he remembered how when they had salvaged it not long ago it was a dark, dank desolate ship. Barron, crewless... it reminded him of the Archer, the one on YT-826 that is. He still couldn't push those images of the Mighty sovereign class ship in tatters on the primitive world, it was hard to think that possibly he was doomed to die on that place. But who knows, perhaps he and Amily had escaped to a planet in which they had prophesised the coming of the Mighty Finn and revered him as a god...or on the other hand perhaps there was another tribe on 826 called the Finnyites.

Before James could get his head around the over imaginative things in his head he realised he was already in Engineering. And to for some reason the Rat, was lookin pretty good. The Engine room was in good nick, granted other systems weren't at their best, but Engineering looked ok.

Walking over to him was Ensign Daniel Hsu. He looked tired, and worn down.

"Greetings Sir, what can we do for you?" Daniel put on his best face.

"Well, a full systems rundown...but I can do that" he smirked.

Daniel just looked at him weary eyed, pale faced and clammy before he collapsed to the floor.

"Dang!" James muttered as he rushed to Hsu's aid. Without even thinking he contacted the Archer and requested Hsu be beamed over to the Archer's sickbay, even though the t'Rathna had its own.

<< Just felt like loggin this. Anyone for a JL, cos finny sure would like to get off that ship>>

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