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U.S.S. Archer (NCC-62750-A)
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Welcome to the USS Archer a Sovereign Class vessel under the Command of Commander Richard York and Commander Irina Chesek.

The Archer is a member of Epsilon Fleet and operates out of Starbase 742 (Aurora) which borders Traxati space and the known reaches of the Federation. Designed as a multi-role ship the Archer often finds herself tackling diverse missions from exploration to defence. Combining the best technology and one of the finest crews the Archer boldly goes where no one has gone before. . .

The USS Archer is an E-mail SIM and part of the UCIP Internet group, a Star Trek SIM organisation. The UCIP is based twenty years into the future of the current Star Trek universe and for over 6 years has provided STAR TREK fans with fun & enjoyable simulations. More than just a simming group the UCIP offers it's members access to unique features such as the UCIP Database and the UCIP Academy.

Please take a look around this site where you will see information about the crew and the Archer's history. Feel free to come chat on IRC (#USS-Archer) where you will find any of the crew that are on line. We are essentially here to have fun so if your interested then sign up today!


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