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Stardate 240211.29: Lt. Cmdr. James Finn, Chief Security Officer's Duty Log

-/\- USS Archer -- Bridge -/\-

James was sitting next to Reeve on the Bridge. The Executive Officer had the Bridge as Sidra was in her ready room. The man didn't say much as he either stared into the Viewscreen or was Engrossed in a PADD.

Finn had his own things to do, which included a Formal report from Lt.Cmdr Ohmsford about an Officer under his Command. It seemed thing's had gone too far with him.

Leaning over to Reeve he passed the PADD his way to take a look at.

"Any Recommendations?" he added with a silent tone so as to not disturb the silent atmosphere on the Bridge.

Reeve briefly scanned the Complaint and Turned to James.

"I don't think a transfer is necessacary, yet. Deal with it how you deem appropriate, but Keep me apprised." Shields answered in the same tone as James.

"Agreed." James nodded simultaneously with his reply.

Both men went back to their PADD's hoping for some sort of...action.

/\ 2 Hours Later /\

Lt.Cmdr James Finn was still in his Second Officer's Chair. As a Fresh Shift began to Emerge from the turbolifts located on the Bridge.

James leaned over to Reeve as he was preparing to depart. "Perhaps I could get you a beer sometime?" he smiled figuring everyone loved Beer.

Reeve nodded to James as he stood.

Grabbing his PADD's James nodded to Gerz, Cam and Harry as he made his way back to the turbolift from whence he had emerged some 5 hours previous.

"Security Offices." he stated.

/\ A Turbolift Ride, a Hop, a Skip and a Stroll later /\

James walked in placing his PADD's down on his desk he plonked himself down into his Chair. Before he clocked off duty he had a few things to take care of.

"Finn to Kelse" he tapped his Comm. - Badge."

"This is Senior Chief Petty Officer Kelse here. Whadda you want?" he shouted. there was also the giggling sound of a woman in the Background.

"In my office, now." James said closing the Channel.

Ten minutes later James was rewarded with a shabbily clad Kelse in his Office.

"Take a seat." James said motioning the guy towards the chair.

"Hmm. This better be good." Kelse muttered.

"Mr. Kelse. It has recently come to my Attention that you have not been performing. You are rude, crude and abusive towards others. This will under no circumstances be tolerated. Understand?" Before the man could reply James continued on. "This
is a Sovereign Class ship. You don't get much better than this. And to top it off were on a mission! If you are not performing for Cmdr Ohmsford then what the hell are you doing here?"

"Err well." Kelse started.

"That's a rhetorical question, man don't answer." Thinking to himself a moment he smiled at the thought in his mind. "From now on you are under review. Cmdr Shields will be keeping an eye on your performance, as will I. Any more mistakes and you will be off this ship faster than a 7'11 Klingon could break your neck."

"Sir!" he replied.

"Now Your going to Be on Night shift until you can prove yourself *and* your going to be cleaning Up the Mess Hall everyday untill the day I say stop. Report to Chef Shaletti Immediately. She's already been informed, and if you give her any trouble... well I guess you get the picture."

"Dismissed." he said.

"Aye Sir." Kelse said standing and Heading for the door.

"Oh and Kelse..." James said softly now. "Don't let it happen again..."

/\ Ten - Forward /\

"Cheers" James said Sipping his beer with Gerzon.

"Cheers." Came the trill's reply.
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