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Stardate 240211.30: Lt. Cmdr. Amily Ashlexa, Medical Officer's Duty Log

=/\= Sickbay =/\=

The hurry up and wait game was starting to play havoc on the nerves of the human medical officer. Amily found herself struggling to keep herself occupied, but there were only so many “routine” things that could be done. One of the other medical officers had been relegated to the task of making sure all of the crew physicals were up to date. There were several officers who had, for one reason or another, managed to slip through the cracks in regards to that. Another eager cadet had jumped on the regular maintenance of the bio-filters for the transporters. Storage cabinets had been restocked at Aurora before the ship had departed for this mission and had already gone through several rounds of organization.

Amily sat at her desk, staring into the monitor, scrolling through old messages and deleting the ones she no longer needed. At least for the moment, it occupied her time and made her appear as though she was doing something of some importance. Every once in a while, she would come upon a message from a personal friend and made a mental note to herself to return the pleasantries. She had been a little lax with keeping in touch with some of the people that she had once been very close to, including her family.

Pulling up a message with a name she recognized in the subject field, she noticed that it wasn’t personally addressed to her, but rather a notification of journal article that had been published by one of her former professors. One of the professors, in fact, that had been a strong role model for Amily at the academy. She had spent hours discussing the “finer” points of treating patients in high stress situations with the young Cadet Ashlexa. Even more importantly, Amily had taken away from those discussions her professor’s advice to trust others, and to focus on doing the task at hand and let the others do their job.

Memories aside, the journal article was pertaining to the efficacy of cross-training non-medical personnel to perform basic first aid duties in emergency situations. While basic first aid and survival skills were required at the academy, the field of medicine was moving and progressing so rapidly that an officer five years out of the academy was not likely to remember their medical training if they did not practice on a routine basis.

As the metaphorical light bulb over Amily’s head went off, she reminded herself that other departments routinely held training simulations. However, what Amily had in mind would involve those outside of the medical department as well. Perhaps a mock disaster scenario played out on the holodeck might provide a little excitement for the medical department and provide an opportunity to see how the latest group of medical officers worked together in an emergency situation. It might also allow any interested officers to refresh their medical training should their skills be called upon in an emergency.

Before she would clear the drill with Selin, she figured it would be wise to plan out the details of it, including the materials and manpower that it would require. It might go over better with the CMO if the entire exercise had a defined goal. Amily quickly set work plotting out what she was going to do.

=/\= End Log =/\=
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