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Life is a Highway

Stardate 240207.20: Lt. Selin, Medical Officer's Personal Log



"Roger, your incessant crying won't bring the food any faster. I recommend
a more patient approach."


Roger rubbed against Selin's leg, not at all impressed by her logic.

"Do you often talk to the cat?" Angus poked his head around the bathroom corner.
grinning at his bond mate.

"Do you often eavesdrop on private conversations?" Selin asked with no apparent

Angus couldn't help it, he started to laugh. Selin cocked an eyebrow at him and
then proceeded to throw the bowl of cat food at him. Roger ran after the now
spilled contents of his bowl, Angus making a quick retreat back into the bathroom.

Selin continued about her self appointed chores, picking up clothes and throwing
them in the recycler.

{{Tag, do you want to go fishing today?}}


{{yes, fishing. I was under the impression you would be familiar with the pastime.}}

{{Oh, I am. I just didn't realize you were familiar with it}}

{{That is why I would like to try it}}

{{Ok, fishing it is}}

The couple had an infrequent mutual day off, and spending some quiet time with
her bondmate was a pleasing thought.

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