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Life is a Highway

Stardate 240207.20: Lt. Angus W. McTagger, Chief Security Officer's Personal Log

/\ Haven, Corella Province, Perthia Stadium /\

Angus watched with a sour smile Finns moonwalk. This day had turned out to be a real drag, all thanks to that Foster Freak. 'Damn' he thought, 'we only took the signs they ALL use to a ... deeper level'. 'That is not correct, Angus' came Selins immediate answer. 'Technically, the sign language used in this sport is intended to indicate the next strategy between the team members. I have been telling you Ensign Fosters movements, based on his technique, skill and several other elements you couldn't have known due to your human condition.'

Angus' face turned even more sour 'Human condition or not, it is still not cheating.' he pouted.

'According to the rules, it is not clear' came Selins answer. 'but I assume that even if it is not exactly breaking the rules, it might be an ethical problem, since others do not have our advantage. From the technical point of view, it is not forbidden, but if I'd have to analize the situation, I'd have to say, that it might have created adverse feelings in the other team and could be seen as 'cheating'. 'Hey, ethical or not ethical, it wasn't cheating, but that lab monster DID cheat, with your friend Amily' Angus thought furious. 'He used this stretch thing of his to throw impossible balls, THAT is cheating... It's like if I would take drugs to improve my physical skills' he kicked the ground like a child. 'No fair, we did NOT cheat, but he did, dammit' 'You should calm down, Tag, your anger has no point.' came Selins calming thought. 'yes, well, whatever...' thought Angus and kicked the ground with a sour face.

He looked up and saw Andersen watching the game with an amused gesture, kidding around with Amily. The Gladiators where now winning by three points and it didn't look good for the Marauders, as Finn was again on the bat. 'Look at Frankenstretch, he doesn't even care!' he thought frustrated and stood up. "Screw this, i'm going to the showers" he muttered and left the dugout.

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