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Life is a Highway

Stardate 240207.20 Lt.(jg) Harry Lefler, Chief Navigational Officer's Duty Log

=/\= Harry's Quarters =/\=

Harry sat for a while in his quarters gazing at Haven, He unfolded his legs an went and got his meditation things. He had just set them up right and closed his eyes when his comnbage on his table chirupped.

Harry opened his eyes and looked over at the noisy badge. He got up and tapped it.

"Cmdr maclaren to Lt Lefler, report to my office at once" the comn signal ended.

Harry raised and eyebrow, he knew hat this was about.

=/\= couple of minutes later =/\=

Harry turned the corner and stopped at a door and tapped the panel at the side of it.

=/\= Sidra's office =/\=

<snippit with adjustments>

"Come.." Harry stepped through the doors and came to attention in front of her desk. He made his face look emotionless to her.

She started off in a stern tone and didn.t stop until she was finished with what she had to say. .Lieutenant I don.t even want to hear your excuses or protests. There is no excuse for the excess wear and tear you exerted on the flyer. As a pilot you should know what going outside of regulations does to the engines and structure of a craft.

Those regulations were put in place for a reason. As the top pilot on this vessel you need to lead by example and that little stunt you played is outrageous. I expect a lot more from you el tee and if you don.t show me that you can follow the rules, you won.t have your position on this ship much longer.

I hope you and I are in understanding.

For now you will report to Lieutenant Finn and tell him you are there to fix my flyer. Only after all repairs are done by you alone will you be able to return to bridge duty. Dismissed Lieutenant..

Harry looked at her , and was about say something but changed his mind and walked out. He turned a sharp right nearlly bumping into someone and went straight to deck 12.


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