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Life is a Highway

Stardate 240207.19: Ensign Joanna Stadi, Tactical Officer's Duty Log

=/\= t'Rantha Bridge =/\=

Joanna Looked at her console and waited as the time slowly ticked by. The turbolift doors opened and the next shift arrived releiving most of the officer on the bridge, including herself. She went into the turbolift and waited for the rest to pile on. She stared at her timepiece hoping that at least 10 minutes had gone by. But only 2 had passed. The doors opened and joanna stepped out before anyone else blinked an eye. She went into the transporter room.

"One to beam back to the archer please" She said with a small grin spreading across her face.

The dematerialized and waited for the tingling sensation to disappear round her face and leapt off the padd, gestured a small thanks to the staff member and walked down the corridor.

"Computer where is the base ball game being played in?"

"Sports stadium on Haven" it replied.

She stopped and turned back to the transporter room. She came through the doors ans said.

"Can you tranpost me to where the base ball game is?"

The chief nodded and gestured toward the tranporter padd. She dematerialized a second time but in a sports stadium. She walked to the second row and sat down and watched the teams play. She kept one eye on Cameron and the other switching between the batsmans and the fielders.

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