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Stardate 240207.18: Lt. James Finn, Engineering Officer's Personal Log

-=.\=- Haven, Corella Province, Perthia Stadium -=.\=-

James sat in the Dug out with his other team members. He was watching the game and loving every moment of it. Apart from Climbing, Baseball was James' thing. He couldn't wait for his second bat. He had already scored a home run in the first inning and was hoping for a second. Looking around he noticed Amily sitting in the stands, she had decided not to Join in, even after James had tried to persuade her that morning.

The Sun was high and hot. James adjusted his Baseball cap and straightened his glasses onto his face. This was the perfect weather for a game and spirits were high as the crew were really getting into the game. He rubbed his hands together and turned to concentrate on the field.

He was still a little distracted by the earlier ruckus between Angus and Andy. They had erupted into a full on fight and Kor had to steep in to settle things, and inform them of the disciplinary action to follow the next morning, but hey thought James, back to the game.

Kor was on his second hit after a foul ball earlier. Keith threw a beauty of a fastball and took it straight past the Captain. Keith was good, but James had already beaten him before. He was going to try again. P'lakor dug in for the third time and waited for Keith's next pitch. The ball was waist height, not what most players would want, but Kor hit it none the less, on the end of the Bat, hitting it towards Commander Maclaren who scoped the ball and passed it to Rucker who was covering third base. Kor was out, that was it. It was James' turn and the adrenaline was flowing. He walked up and dug in. He looked at the bases, Harry was on second and Looking towards third then fourth and a half run. He Just needed a little help.

James looked down towards Keith who was trying to Psych James out with a cold stare. James had been watching his boss and thought he had an idea of where the Chief Engineer was going to throw it. Keith liked them Low and fast.

"Are you sure you can handle this little baby I'm gettin ready for you James?" joked Keith as he stroked the ball.

"Bring it on sir" James replied almost immediately.

He Smiled at Amily who was watching, looked back to Keith, who was using signals to communicate with Sidra about his next pitch. James took a practice swing and stood ready. Keith threw his ball and released a small grin. James was right. He swung his bar clean and connected with the ball, the force of which he hit the ball sent vibrations down the Bat. He looked up it was out, it had rocketed out of the station and was heading towards an area of trees. {Oh... Yeah!} thought James as he gave Keith a thumbs up.

Harry was already Home and celebrating with Gerzon, Cameron and Kor. James threw his bat to the floor and began his journey around the bases. He just jogged and smiled at the opposition that he was passing. As he got to third he turned around and began to 'Moonwalk' towards fourth base. It was a bet with Angus that if he Managed another homer then he would moonwalk the last section.

He heard a few chuckled from behind him and smiled to Angus who was not looking pretty good seen as he had been kicked outta the game. His team mates congratulated him at the end and he made his way back towards the bench ready for another bat.

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