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Stardate 240209.25: Lt. Commander Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer's Duty Log

.=/\=. USS Archer / Main Engineering .=/\=.

... Keith grabbed another cup of coffee from the food replicator. He had just finished recollecting the events he experienced while in the dream state. Kam will have a while so compile all the information submitted but it would be interesting to hear the results of her finding.

"Computer," he asked, "what is the current time?" The computer responded promptly with the current ship time. "Computer, where is Lt. Finn?" The ship's computer again responded accordingly.

Keith tapped his comm-badge, "Keith to Finn." He waited for a response.

"Go ahead, sir." Finn's voice answered.

Keith said, "I'd like to see you in Engineering, now."

"On my way," and the comm-signal closed.

"Commander, if you have a moment, I need you to double check my settings and configurations prior to going ahead with the changes."

Keith nodded and stepped out of his bubble, commonly known as his office.

Few minutes had passed when he noticed James Finn walking into Engineering with his arms stretched. 'Guess he had a good rest ... he deserved it,' he thought to himself. As Finn approached. "Ah, Finn. Good," he paused. "I'd like you to head over to the t'Rathna and compile full systems and damage report. Also assess the engineering crew over there. I want to know if they're up to the job."

"Aye sir!" James replied quickly. 'Okay, he's a little too chipper ... someone must have switched coffee's on him' Molir thought. "I'll get right on it."

"Oh, and James..." Keith started to say and as James turned about, Keith signalled to Finn, indicating that he had a few crumbs on his face, "Use a napkin next time."

Just as Finn left engineering, Keith walked over to the ensign that had approached him earlier to review his work.

.=/\=. USS Archer / Un-disclosed Corridor .=/\=.

Keith had been working at Engineering for a couple of hours now and figured a small break would help speed things along. An exhausted engineer is not good for the ship or her crew. Molir had taken a couple of turbo-lifts randomly to see where it would put him. Before he knew it, he arrived at a corridor that he was had never visited during his service on board the Archer.

The crowd level was low for it's current time, very little traffic in and out of the corridor and an occasional 'Sir' from the lower ranking officers on board. As he kept walking, he came up upon a corridor name plate and realized where the turbo-lift had dumped him.

"Computer," he said, "access authorization, Lieutenant Commander Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineer -- voice authorization: gamma-four-four-seven-three-delta-alpha-one".

The computer responded: [Authorization Granted].

The doors swung open, revealing a technology that was available to the Archer but not used since the initial test run. Molir noticed the posted security guards around the area, watching him -- except for the few engineers that regularly come to this section for duty, Molir is one of the engineers the security guards hadn't seen in this room before -- though they know who he is.

One of the engineers turned around to greet the commander, "Commander, is there a problem?"

"No," he answered, "there's no problem. How are things here?"

"As well as can be expected with all that's happened."

Molir replied, "Understandable. What's the status?"

"She took some damage and the crystal lattice within the inner lining needs to be re-crystalized, but the main components are still operational and much of the damages can be repaired before we reach SB Aurora."

"Good. I couldn't believe we didn't use this device. It would have been invaluable..." Molir said looking back at the events that's happened. "Anyways, so long as things are handled here. As you were."

"Aye, sir."

Molir gave himself another quick look around the area before leaving the section. "Well, it's back to engineering."

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