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[Stardate 240212.02|16 54 hours]


Stardate 240211.29: Lt. Cmdr. James Finn, Chief Security Officer's Duty Log [Stardate 240211.29|14 39 hours]

-/\- USS Archer -- Bridge -/\-

James was sitting next to Reeve on the Bridge. The Executive Officer had the Bridge as Sidra was in her ready room. The man didn't say much as he either stared into the Viewscreen or was Engrossed in a PADD.

Finn had his own things to do, which included a Formal report from Lt.Cmdr Ohmsford about an Officer under his Command. It seemed thing's had gone too far with him.

Leaning over to Reeve he passed the PADD his way to take a look at.

"Any Recommendations?" he added with a silent tone so as to not disturb the silent atmosphere on the Bridge.

Reeve briefly scanned the Complaint and Turned to James.

"I don't think a transfer is necessacary, yet. Deal with it how you deem appropriate, but Keep me apprised." Shields answered in the same tone as James.

"Agreed." James nodded simultaneously with his reply.

Both men went back to their PADD's hoping for some sort of...action.

/\ 2 Hours Later /\

Lt.Cmdr James Finn was still in his Second Officer's Chair. As a Fresh Shift began to Emerge from the turbolifts located on the Bridge.

James leaned over to Reeve as he was preparing to depart. "Perhaps I could get you a beer sometime?" he smiled figuring everyone loved Beer.

Reeve nodded to James as he stood.

Grabbing his PADD's James nodded to Gerz, Cam and Harry as he made his way back to the turbolift from whence he had emerged some 5 hours previous.

"Security Offices." he stated.

/\ A Turbolift Ride, a Hop, a Skip and a Stroll later /\

James walked in placing his PADD's down on his desk he plonked himself down into his Chair. Before he clocked off duty he had a few things to take care of.

"Finn to Kelse" he tapped his Comm. - Badge."

"This is Senior Chief Petty Officer Kelse here. Whadda you want?" he shouted. there was also the giggling sound of a woman in the Background.

"In my office, now." James said closing the Channel.

Ten minutes later James was rewarded with a shabbily clad Kelse in his Office.

"Take a seat." James said motioning the guy towards the chair.

"Hmm. This better be good." Kelse muttered.

"Mr. Kelse. It has recently come to my Attention that you have not been performing. You are rude, crude and abusive towards others. This will under no circumstances be tolerated. Understand?" Before the man could reply James continued on. "This
is a Sovereign Class ship. You don't get much better than this. And to top it off were on a mission! If you are not performing for Cmdr Ohmsford then what the hell are you doing here?"

"Err well." Kelse started.

"That's a rhetorical question, man don't answer." Thinking to himself a moment he smiled at the thought in his mind. "From now on you are under review. Cmdr Shields will be keeping an eye on your performance, as will I. Any more mistakes and you will be off this ship faster than a 7'11 Klingon could break your neck."

"Sir!" he replied.

"Now Your going to Be on Night shift until you can prove yourself *and* your going to be cleaning Up the Mess Hall everyday untill the day I say stop. Report to Chef Shaletti Immediately. She's already been informed, and if you give her any trouble... well I guess you get the picture."

"Dismissed." he said.

"Aye Sir." Kelse said standing and Heading for the door.

"Oh and Kelse..." James said softly now. "Don't let it happen again..."

/\ Ten - Forward /\

"Cheers" James said Sipping his beer with Gerzon.

"Cheers." Came the trill's reply.

Stardate 240211.30: Lt. (jg) Harry Lefler, Chief Navigation Officer's Personal Log [Stardate 240211.30|13 34 hours]

=/\= Holodeck 02 =/\=


Harry nearlly collapsed as a fist hit him on the left cheek. However he regained himself quickly and dodged the next attack form this 'super human'. He had set the enemy on the highest possible level. He had gone against his Vulcan supressions and was now fighting, hand to hand- no advantages, unless you count being 20 times stronger than your opponent an advantage.

His setting was France- eiffel tower- though he had set it to deserted except for him and his opponent. The opponent -male was set to a random skin.

Harry, without hyis Starfleet uniform climbed the steel, support for the upper quadrant of the tower. However his opponent was getting angry now and literally smashed through the bottom of the support buckling it and making Harry let go except for 1 hand.

He was dangling now with nothing except the land 300ft below him. He looked around for another thing it could reach.. but there wasnt Harry looked up and made a grab for where his othr hand was.. but missed. He tried to put his feet on something but there was nothing.

His hand was beginning to slip. His opponent had now began to climb the way Harry had come up. He grabbed Harry's leg and pulled furiously on it. Harry violently lashed out with his foot and caught the man in the eye with his foot. The man yelled out and slumped for a moment # onto the steel support. However, he had begun to rise again.

Harry stared in disbeleif at this.. but then he had set him on the most extreme level... but , he doubted any one alive could withstand someone poking their eye out with a shoe.

Harry looked up at his one remaining hand with about 2mm of spare before he would fall. He looked down at the grass beneath his feet with a few park benches around it.

It was happening- his hand was slipping. He looked back up, when he slipped off. He waited a few seconds of his descent for the computer to end the program... when that didnt happen he suddenly felt alot more vunerable... things suddenly seemed to speed up.. The ground was coming closer.. he was now at a horizontal level.

"COMPUTER END THE PROGRAM!" he heard the sound of the computer acknowledging.

HIs surrounding disappeared and was replaced with the holodeck. However his descent did stop but only for a moment. As the yellow lines faded in he realizerd his was an arms width away from the ceiling.. and over 12ft from the floor. The computer kickedf the gravity back in and Harry fell and landed with a thump onto the holodeck floor.

He shook his head slightly, and lay up. The whole of the left side of his body was yelling at him in pain. He winced slightly as he got to his feet and left the holodeck.

Stardate 240211.30: Lt. Cmdr. Amily Ashlexa, Medical Officer's Duty Log [Stardate 240211.30|14 33 hours]

=/\= Sickbay =/\=

The hurry up and wait game was starting to play havoc on the nerves of the human medical officer. Amily found herself struggling to keep herself occupied, but there were only so many “routine” things that could be done. One of the other medical officers had been relegated to the task of making sure all of the crew physicals were up to date. There were several officers who had, for one reason or another, managed to slip through the cracks in regards to that. Another eager cadet had jumped on the regular maintenance of the bio-filters for the transporters. Storage cabinets had been restocked at Aurora before the ship had departed for this mission and had already gone through several rounds of organization.

Amily sat at her desk, staring into the monitor, scrolling through old messages and deleting the ones she no longer needed. At least for the moment, it occupied her time and made her appear as though she was doing something of some importance. Every once in a while, she would come upon a message from a personal friend and made a mental note to herself to return the pleasantries. She had been a little lax with keeping in touch with some of the people that she had once been very close to, including her family.

Pulling up a message with a name she recognized in the subject field, she noticed that it wasn’t personally addressed to her, but rather a notification of journal article that had been published by one of her former professors. One of the professors, in fact, that had been a strong role model for Amily at the academy. She had spent hours discussing the “finer” points of treating patients in high stress situations with the young Cadet Ashlexa. Even more importantly, Amily had taken away from those discussions her professor’s advice to trust others, and to focus on doing the task at hand and let the others do their job.

Memories aside, the journal article was pertaining to the efficacy of cross-training non-medical personnel to perform basic first aid duties in emergency situations. While basic first aid and survival skills were required at the academy, the field of medicine was moving and progressing so rapidly that an officer five years out of the academy was not likely to remember their medical training if they did not practice on a routine basis.

As the metaphorical light bulb over Amily’s head went off, she reminded herself that other departments routinely held training simulations. However, what Amily had in mind would involve those outside of the medical department as well. Perhaps a mock disaster scenario played out on the holodeck might provide a little excitement for the medical department and provide an opportunity to see how the latest group of medical officers worked together in an emergency situation. It might also allow any interested officers to refresh their medical training should their skills be called upon in an emergency.

Before she would clear the drill with Selin, she figured it would be wise to plan out the details of it, including the materials and manpower that it would require. It might go over better with the CMO if the entire exercise had a defined goal. Amily quickly set work plotting out what she was going to do.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Stardate 240212.01: Crewman Kelly Johansen, Engineering Technician's Duty Log [Stardate 240212.01|14 31 hours]

=/\= USS Archer / Main Engineering =/\=

"Ms. Johansen," Commander Keith had called for her assistance.

Kelly turned her head and looked over to see Molir wanting her to join him in his office. She straighten her non-military issued ship's uniform and started to make her way to the Commander's office.

Commander Keith met her halfway, "Crewman, I require your assistance. Please report to Transporter Room Two and escort our new engineer here."

"Aye, sir," Kelly said and quickly turned around and exited main engineering.

=/\= USS Archer / Transporter Room Two =/\=

The doors open as Kelly walked near the archway as saw the new engineering ensign waiting anxiously to be taken to his posting. "Ensign, I'm Crewman Kelly Johansen -- I'm here to escort you to your new position on board the Archer."

Ensign McCarthy responded, "Thank you, Crewman Johansen."

"Please," she interrupted, "call me Kelly. Now, if you'll follow me." She looked over toward the transporter chief, "Chief, could have his personal belongings transferred to his quarters?"

The transporter chief nodded.

Kelly returned his attention to the ensign, "Now, Ensign, if you'll follow me, I'll take you to main engineering where Commander Keith will give you his 'Welcome to the World of Engineering on board the USS Archer' speech."

There was a slight chuckle....

=/\= USS Archer / Main Engineering =/\=

"... And this is Main Engineering, where you'll hopefully find this to be the most rewarding department to be assigned." Kelly smiled from ear to ear. "Anyways, that's Commander Keith's office, he's expecting you to report in."

Stephen thanked Kelly and proceeded to Keith's office. Kelly returned to her duties at hand.

Stardate 240207.24: Ensign Abigail Bryant, Science Officer's Personal Log [Stardate 240207.24|18 19 hours]

=/\= USS Archer =/\=

The Lieutenant that had transported her aboard the ship had kindly brought her possessions to her room for her. She thanked him as he left and turned to survey her quarters. It was definitely more luxurious than any of the quarters she'd had as part of the research team on Earth. She ordered a glass of cold water from the replicator, and set about unpacking her things. She had a little time before reporting for duty, mainly due to the shore leave the crew were indulging in. Whatever gave her more time to explore the place and manage not to get lost seemed like a good idea to her.

She had dropped by the game for an hour or two before she had beamed up to the ship. She hadn't talked to any of the crew, and she hadn't known what was going on a lot of the time, but everyone seemed to be having fun. She had never really understood baseball, never having seen it played or played it herself. She dreaded being roped in the next time round; hand eye coordination was not her best skill. She might end up being court martialed for her performance. Still, sitting in the stands with a PADD of the Archer personnel records she had managed to pick everyone out, and didn't have to worry about forgetting names at least. There was nothing like people shouting at each other to make names and faces stick together.

She unpacked rather sloppily, deciding it wasn't worth the trouble when she would probably change things around as the mood struck her as she was settling in. Besides that, there was one place she was dying to see.

=/\= Deck 6 - Main Science Lab =/\=

She gazed around at the white bulkheads and the sterile looking atmosphere. Despite the fact that it looked spotlessly sterile, it was the most welcoming Science lab she'd ever been in. It didn't fall prey to looking cold (even if the environmental controls had allowed it to) and uninviting as a lot of labs did. She nodded acknowledgement to the Science officer conducting some tests on some rocks samples, and wandered around the lab. She was trying to resist the urge to touch the equipment like a child discovering tactile objects for the first time. However, she allowed herself to gently run her hand over the cool metal surface, and turned to see the Science officer running the tests giving her a funny look.

The labs were impressive and she hadn't even seen the insides of the USS t'Rathna, the Science vessel she believed was attached to the Archer, yet. She was looking forward to that. A whole ship, and nothing but Science. It was like letting Ferengi loose in a room full of gold pressed latinum. She chuckled to herself as she walked down the corridor to the Astrometric lab, but when she got there there was too much work going on in their for her to have a proper look around. Glancing at her PADD, she found Stellar Cartography on it and set off for Deck 11.

<<OOC: Didn't really know how to start, so went for a cop out 'I'm here' log. And it's true about the baseball thing. As a non-sporty kind of Brit simming a New Zealander, I have no clue about it whatsoever. I'm kinda lost So I thought I'd just stalk... *cough* watch you all ;) >>

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Stardate 240207.09: Lt. Bren Ohmsford, Chief Science Officer's Personal Log [Stardate 240207.09|18 17 hours]

=/\= The Wedding Reception =/\=

Bren stood on his balcony with one hand in his pocket and a martini in the other, looking down over the people gathered in the garden. The wedding ceremony had been perfect, with the bride and groom exchanging their vows beneath the ancient Risean jasmine tree, both looking so beautiful. Photographers were taking pictures at every turn, and the orchestra had kept the atmosphere alive. Evening was approaching, signalled by the faint glow of the lantern bush's bulbs; most of the guests that had attended the reception had already left for home. Bren took a sip from his cocktail, trying to figure out how many he'd already had. His cheeks were still sore from smiling the whole day and all the pictures that had been taken. Below in the garden, he saw Odette and his father dancing and wondered where his brother might be.

His question was answered when his door chime sounded, and as he turned around saw Brin entering the room. "There you are," he said, his face lighting up with a smile. "Odette says you owe her a dance."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Bren apologised, aware that he had been a bit anti-social. "I just came up here to escape the crowd."

"I don't blame you," Brin replied, joining his brother outside on the balcony. "I don't know how many strange people I've kissed today, and if I have to smile one more time, my face is going to crack."

Bren smiled and raised his glass, almost knocking over the telescope that stood on the balcony.

"How much have you had to drink?" Brin asked jokingly.

"I'm still awake, so apparently not enough," he laughed. "So tell me, how does it feel to be married to the beautiful Odette Chang?"

Brin stared down at his bride dancing with his father, and smiled. "It feels right, like the final piece of a puzzle has been found. Bren, why did you leave the Archer," he said out of the blue. The question had been on his mind since they got back from Starbase Aurora, but he couldn't find the right time. "I know you were really happy there."

"I don't know," Bren replied, a bit despondent. "I thought I knew, and at the time I thought it was the right decision, but now I'm not so sure anymore. A lot of things were just going wrong, and I thought it was time to make a change."

"Well, sometimes we are so determined to make a change, that we make the wrong one just for the sake of making it. But it's not too late. You love exploring space; it's always been your dream. Don't give up on it now; don't let a moment of doubt and anxiety ruin your wonderful career. Go back to the Archer, because I know you were happy there. Don't let this opportunity slip out of your hands."

"You're right," Bren sighed. "Sometimes you know me better than I do myself."

"You once asked me why I broke up with Odette while we were in high school, and I couldn't answer you. Well, that was the reason. I felt I had to make a change, but I wasn't thinking clearly and I made the wrong one. I'm just so lucky that she recognised it at the time, even if I didn't, and that she followed her heart. If it weren't for her, we wouldn't be here today. So follow your heart and do what makes you happy."

"I guess the thing with Tiger really shook me. It made me question a lot of things. I thought I was in love, but I wasn't, and I feel like such an idiot. I felt like I led him on, and then broke his heart. I don't want to have to go through a string of relationships before I find the right one."

"These things happen," Brin said, placing a hand on his brother's shoulder. "You live you learn. If you were meant to have a long string of relationships, then there's nothing you can do about it. But personally, I don't think that will be the case. Who knows...you might even find true love among the stars. But you'll never know if you don't give it another chance."

All log entries presented here (past, present and future) are the sole property of the email simulation team USS Archer. Any duplication and/or publication of these entries, in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the writer and owner of this journal.

Stardate 240207.09: Lt. Bren Ohmsford, Chief Science Officer's Personal Log [Stardate 240207.09|18 16 hours]

=/\= Kayama - Bajor/UFP Border =/\=

Bren and his twin brother, Brin, strolled in comfortable silence along the road that led back to their parents' manor. The road was lined with tall owak trees that intertwined their slender branches in the canopy high overhead, providing shelter from the sun to whomever travelled beneath it. Bren relished the feeling of the warm sun caressing his skin as it shone in patches through canopy. It felt so good to see the sun and breath real fresh air again. A warm breeze blew in from the northern mountain range, rustling in the branches overhead, and disturbing the leaves that paved the road. Bren glanced up at the sky to see the Southern Moon rising just above the horizon, casting a shadow on the planet's ring system.

"I can't believe how much I missed this place," Bren said as he took in the beauty of his home planet. The last time he had visited home was when he was on leave from Starfleet to recover after his accident from Xonnel.

"Me neither," added Brin. "It's been a long time since we've been here, and it seems like a lot has changed since then. Dad is now the new Governor; Mom is head of research; you've explored deep space; Hermione has started her Starfleet career..."

"And you're getting married tomorrow," Bren said, smiling at his brother's words. "It felt like yesterday that you left to study music on Tarima, and now you're a concert pianist famous throughout the Federation."

"Oh, I wouldn't go that far," Brin laughed. As they approached the gates to the manor, he waved at the guards, and they opened the gates to let the two inside. Since their father had been elected Governor of Kayama, security had been stepped up considerably, even though the colony of 6 million inhabitants had one of the lowest crime rates in the sector.

When they walked up the avenue that led towards the manor, they saw a personal shuttle unloading its cargo into the house's adjoining shuttlebay.

"I wonder who that could be," Brin asked as they got closer, and then a young woman with short blonde hair walked out of the shuttlebay and spoke to one of the attendants. At first the brothers didn't recognise her, but when she turned around they realised it was their cousin, Hermione Zeta.

"Bren! Brin!" she exclaimed as soon as she saw them, and rushed over the landing pad to greet them.

"I love your hair," Bren said as she hugged them. "It really suits you."

Brin was about to say something, when his communicator beeped. He took out the small device, and flipped it open. "Please excuse me, I have a call waiting." He rushed up the front steps and disappeared into the house.

"Let's go have some lunch," Bren suggested, walking towards the steps.

"Yeah, I'm starving," Hermione replied, following after him.

The late afternoon found Bren sitting outside his room on the balcony, overlooking the city with the sea in the distance. Below in the garden, the wind scattered the purple flowers of the Risean jasmine tree all over the grass, and carried their scent up towards the balcony. A few dark clouds were beginning to roll in from the sea, bringing with it the spring's midafternoon rains. After lunch he had decided to retire to his room to rest, but he couldn't sleep; instead he looked around his room at all the different memories there. Far in the opposite corner stood his baby grand piano, and next to it his cello and the beli clavian in its box; on the wall, a painting he had made while in high school, and a graduation certificate from the Betazoid Royal House of Music; on his desk photos of his family, friends...and an old lover. There were too many things on his mind. He thought about Starfleet, and his decision in leaving the Archer; glancing at his desk, he saw the padd lying there with Starfleet's offer to become Research & Development Liaison to Kayama. That was supposed to be the main reason why he had left the Archer, but still he hesitated in formally accepting the offer. Something kept him back, and he wondered if he shouldn't pay more attention to it; maybe it was just fear of change, but maybe it was something more.

As he stood up to get himself a glass of water, the chime to his door sounded. "Enter," he said, and the door opened to reveal Hermione with two pieces of his mother's famous blueberry cheesecake. "Oh, hi there. Please come inside. Excuse the mess; I've been sorting through some of my old stuff, and I still have to unpack my boxes from the Archer."

"It doesn't matter. My room is still all boxes," Hermione laughed. Bren motioned for her to sit down next to him on he bed. "Computer, play 21st Century Terran composer Jeanne Reneirre, the complete Réves Dans La Clé De La Nuit piano suite," she said

"That's my favourite Neo-Romantic piece of music." Bren took a bite of the delicious cake and smiled at her. "I forgot how heavenly this is!" he said, closing his eyes and listening to the haunting piano music.

"I don't know how your mother does it. She has a full time job, but she still had time to cook and take care of us while we were at school." Hermione looked at the holoimage of her with Bren and Brin while they were in high school together that stood on the nightstand. Even though she had grown up on Betazed, her father had decided to send her to school with her cousins. She had stayed with them in the manor for that time, and the three had become very close. "Oh my god, look at my hair! I can't believe I used to look like this!" She put down the plate with the piece of cake and picked up holoimage.

"Those were the good old days," Bren said. "Before life became so damn complicated."

"Yeah," Hermione agreed. "Before we fell in love. Although...Brin did meet Odette while we were in high school. You know, I never quite understood why the broke up in the first place. Who would've thought that seven years later they would be getting married. Can you believe they're getting married tomorrow?" She shook her head and then paused. "Bren, I never got around to telling you how sorry I am about you and Tiger breaking up. You seemed very happy together."

"Thank you," Bren replied. "But it's just one of those things. Tiger was at the right place at the right time for me, but not the right person. After a few months the relationship just began to take strain, and when we got to Aurora and decided to accept different assignments, I realised that I'm not in love with him, and that all along I was only pretending to be. Don't get me wrong - I deeply care for him, but I'm not in love with him."

Hermione had been paging through the holoimager and had come across a photo of Bren with a handsome Vulcan while he was in the Academy. "You're in love with him," she said, and showed him the photo.

Bren quietly nodded. "Yes, I'm still in love with Starik, even after four years. When the Archer docked at Aurora, I saw him on the promenade. He didn't see me, luckily, but I just realised then how I still feel. Out of sight, out of mind, but not out of heart." They sat quietly for a while and listened to the music. "You know my Bajoran friend Garion, right?" he asked then.

"Yeah, I do. I went with him and Jana to The Mindmelt when I was on leave on Betazed once."

"Yeah, that's right. So you know that Jana is half Deltan," Bren laughed merrily. "Well, when I told him back then that I had developed feelings for Starik, he told me never to get involved with a telepath. He and Jana always have these passionate arguments that end up involving everyone in the vicinity. I guess I should have listened to him."

"Yeah, but they always have passionate sex afterwards."

"How do you know that?"

"I'm Betazoid, remember. Besides, Jana is not the type to censors her thoughts before broadcasting them to the whole world." Hermione laughed. She lay back on the bed and made herself comfortable. "What's meant to be is meant to be," she said then. "What happened, happened for a reason. Just like with me and Peter. It's still hard, and I still love him so much, but we're not together anymore, and there's not a thing I can do to change that. Sometimes I wish that I wasn't a telepath, that I could be 'less attached' when it came to my relationship with Peter, but I'm not. Do you rememeber what Professor Emer said in our Interspecies Relations class? She said that no Starfleet rule and regulation can ever keep you from falling in love. And that's true. There are all those directives in place that prevents us from entering into any kind of relationship with another species without medical clearance, but not even they can stop our most primary urges."

Bren sighed long and deep. Even though the topic was somewhat depressing, just being able to talk with his old friend and cousin again made him feel so much better. "Sometimes I just feel like I keep making all the wrong choices. You know what the worst is? You and I are psychology graduates - the minds of Starfleet's brightest and best are supposed to come to us for help, but we can't even help ourselves. How pathetic is that!?"

Hermione laughed so hard that she almost fell off the bed. "I was telling Odette the exact same thing yesterday. I think you made a wise decision to go from Counseling to Science. Not that you don't make a brilliant Counselor; it's just that for a non-telepath, you are very sensitive, and I think all the problems of the world sometimes get you down. You seem so much happier in Science, being able to explore the unknown. Everyone thinks being a Counselor is the easiest job in Starfleet, but it's actually the hardest."

Bren nodded, agreeing with her, and once again wondered whether he made the right decision to leave the Archer. "So have you decided what you're going to do now?"

Hermione shook her head. "I'm not sure. I took an extended leave of absence, so Starfleet won't expect me back for a while. I'm thinking I might actually resign, but I don't want to do something rash. Your mother offered me a position on her research team, and I'm seriously considering it. I always loved archaeology at the Academy, and this a chance to actually get my hands dirty for a change. I think it could be very fulfilling. I guess I might end up going into Science like you after all. Strange how that works; we were born on the same day, went to the same high school, ended up at Starfleet Academy training to become Counselors, and then going into Science. And to think that if you're father's brother had never met my mother, we probably never would've known each other."

"Well, I'm really glad we ended up as family. I couldn't have asked for a better cousin."

"Aw," Hermione said and gave him a hug. "Hey, Mr Best Man, is your suit ready for tomorrow? And do you have the rings?"

"Yep," Bren replied. "And is your Bride's Maid dress ready? And do you have the bouquet?"

"Yes, all ready. The bouquet is in my room, made from beautiful chameleon roses."

"Great," Bren smiled. Outside the tiny raindrops started to fall softly, and the fresh smell of rain came through the open window. "Hey, do you want to watch one of those old holomovies? We still have a few hours before we need to meet Brin and Odette for dinner."

"Oh why not. It's not like we have anything better to do, right?"

All log entries presented here (past, present and future) are the sole property of the email simulation team USS Archer. Any duplication and/or publication of these entries, in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the writer and owner of this journal.

Stardate 240207.21: Lt. James Finn [EngOfc] & Lt. Amily Ashlexa [MedOfc], Joint Personal Logs [Stardate 240207.21|18 14 hours]

-=/\=- Finn's Quarters -=/\=-

Amily's eyes widened as she observed the meal that James was preparing take shape. Her stomach begged for food, and the smells were tricking her brain into thinking that food was on its way into her belly. Smiling a little and shrugging everytime her tummy started to growl, she heard James say more than once, "It's coming soon...very soon, and it will be worth the wait!"

James was in the kitchen rustling up some grub for Amily. He had returned to his quarters to find her there. They were both hungry after their shifts so James was cooking a roast dinner, with all the trimmings. He took the cloth that had been resting on his shoulder and picked up the hot tray.

"I hope you are hungry," the engineer-by-day returned to the table with two plates, one balanced carefully in each hand. Wasting very little time beginning to eat, Amily tasted a little bit of everything before starting in on one item at a time. As she continued, the dark haired officer seemed to be avoiding one particular thing.

"Something wrong?" Finn looked into her eyes, a curious look on his face. "You usually like the roast potatoes, how comes your not eating them?" James asked hoping he has prepared them correctly.

"No Honey, I'm just not feeling well today" she smiled "But I love these peas, I can't get enough of them!!" she grinned shovelling them down.

Following a light dessert and light hearted conversation, the two retreated to the bedroom. "So, what's tonight's television line up?"

=/\= The following morning =/\=

Lt. Finn awoke to soft whimpers coming from the person laying beside him. Her skin was growing more and more pale as he watched her tighten her body every few seconds. "Amily? Are you okay?"

Nodding and trying desperately to hide the fact that she wasn't feeling well, she sat up and let her legs dangle off the side of the bed. Unfortunately, James had seen this look on Amily's face before, usually after she had been out for a long night of drinking. Amily stood, taking small steps towards the bathroom.

"You know, honey, you should really stop drinking so much. It's going to ruin your liver, you know," James said in a light tone, obviously kidding, but with it being so early in the morning that he didn't realize exactly how not-amusing the comment probably was to the young medical officer.

Turning around and furrowing her eyebrows, she didn't even have the strength to tell him where she thought she'd like him to go. "Bite-me!" was all she could manage to get out.

"Well that was Harsh" James chuckled. He knew something was up so he wasn't going to press the issue. He followed Amily into the bathroom. He found her staring into the Mirror. He Put his Arms around her and gave her a hug.

"What's up Amily, I know something's the matter. You can tell me"

"Nothings Up James, I just really don't feel well, I'll head down to sickbay to get a check-up." She Smiled. "Now hurry up you'll be late!!"

"Yes Mom" James replied.

He returned to the bedroom and pulled out a uniform from the draw. He dressed himself and headed into the dining room and grabbed a slice of toast. Amily returned this time dressed in her uniform. He kissed her once more, and made his way out the door towards Engineering.

=/\= Sickbay =/\=

Amily walked slowly into sickbay. It was still early, a little bit too early to expect many people to be on duty. Looking over the current list of patients, she only managed to catch a glimpse of Kiya out the corner of her eye. She was very diligently attending to a patient, and likely didn't notice Amily enter the room. Walking towards the back, and to the area where her desk was, she went on the lookout for a tricorder. Amily didn't want to call attention to herself, so she sat down and scanned her abdomen in attempt to figure out what was wrong with her.

As Amily was reading over the scans of her abdomen that the Tricorder had provided Kiya approached and looked at her strangely.

"What are you up to Amily?? Come on tell me" she Joked.

Amily was in no state to reply and, was a million miles away when Kiya had approached.

Whistling to himself, James Finn entered the sickbay in search of Amily. He was deeply worried and decided to abuse his pips by ducking out for an Hour to see if Amily was ok. If James had even the smallest of ideas that there was something wrong with Amily he wouldn't be able to concentrate.

When he approached Amily's desk he saw Kiya asking Amily what was the matter. He knew Amily was acting volatile and didn't want her to erupt at her friend, Kiya was new and probably trying to settle in if Amily snapped at her maybe she would take it the wrong way. That also reminded him to invite her next time Himself and Company got together again.

"Err, Could you give us some privacy, Please Ensign." James asked.

"Yes, Sorry sir" She said turning around a little startled at James' presence.

"Amily..." James began.

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Stardate 240207.20: Lt. Selin, Medical Officer's Personal Log [Stardate 240207.20|18 12 hours]



"Roger, your incessant crying won't bring the food any faster. I recommend
a more patient approach."


Roger rubbed against Selin's leg, not at all impressed by her logic.

"Do you often talk to the cat?" Angus poked his head around the bathroom corner.
grinning at his bond mate.

"Do you often eavesdrop on private conversations?" Selin asked with no apparent

Angus couldn't help it, he started to laugh. Selin cocked an eyebrow at him and
then proceeded to throw the bowl of cat food at him. Roger ran after the now
spilled contents of his bowl, Angus making a quick retreat back into the bathroom.

Selin continued about her self appointed chores, picking up clothes and throwing
them in the recycler.

{{Tag, do you want to go fishing today?}}


{{yes, fishing. I was under the impression you would be familiar with the pastime.}}

{{Oh, I am. I just didn't realize you were familiar with it}}

{{That is why I would like to try it}}

{{Ok, fishing it is}}

The couple had an infrequent mutual day off, and spending some quiet time with
her bondmate was a pleasing thought.

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Stardate 240207.20: Lt. Angus W. McTagger, Chief Security Officer's Personal Log [Stardate 240207.20|17 44 hours]

/\ Haven, Corella Province, Perthia Stadium /\

Angus watched with a sour smile Finns moonwalk. This day had turned out to be a real drag, all thanks to that Foster Freak. 'Damn' he thought, 'we only took the signs they ALL use to a ... deeper level'. 'That is not correct, Angus' came Selins immediate answer. 'Technically, the sign language used in this sport is intended to indicate the next strategy between the team members. I have been telling you Ensign Fosters movements, based on his technique, skill and several other elements you couldn't have known due to your human condition.'

Angus' face turned even more sour 'Human condition or not, it is still not cheating.' he pouted.

'According to the rules, it is not clear' came Selins answer. 'but I assume that even if it is not exactly breaking the rules, it might be an ethical problem, since others do not have our advantage. From the technical point of view, it is not forbidden, but if I'd have to analize the situation, I'd have to say, that it might have created adverse feelings in the other team and could be seen as 'cheating'. 'Hey, ethical or not ethical, it wasn't cheating, but that lab monster DID cheat, with your friend Amily' Angus thought furious. 'He used this stretch thing of his to throw impossible balls, THAT is cheating... It's like if I would take drugs to improve my physical skills' he kicked the ground like a child. 'No fair, we did NOT cheat, but he did, dammit' 'You should calm down, Tag, your anger has no point.' came Selins calming thought. 'yes, well, whatever...' thought Angus and kicked the ground with a sour face.

He looked up and saw Andersen watching the game with an amused gesture, kidding around with Amily. The Gladiators where now winning by three points and it didn't look good for the Marauders, as Finn was again on the bat. 'Look at Frankenstretch, he doesn't even care!' he thought frustrated and stood up. "Screw this, i'm going to the showers" he muttered and left the dugout.

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Stardate 240207.20 Lt.(jg) Harry Lefler, Chief Navigational Officer's Duty Log [Stardate 240207.20|17 42 hours]

=/\= Harry's Quarters =/\=

Harry sat for a while in his quarters gazing at Haven, He unfolded his legs an went and got his meditation things. He had just set them up right and closed his eyes when his comnbage on his table chirupped.

Harry opened his eyes and looked over at the noisy badge. He got up and tapped it.

"Cmdr maclaren to Lt Lefler, report to my office at once" the comn signal ended.

Harry raised and eyebrow, he knew hat this was about.

=/\= couple of minutes later =/\=

Harry turned the corner and stopped at a door and tapped the panel at the side of it.

=/\= Sidra's office =/\=

<snippit with adjustments>

"Come.." Harry stepped through the doors and came to attention in front of her desk. He made his face look emotionless to her.

She started off in a stern tone and didn.t stop until she was finished with what she had to say. .Lieutenant I don.t even want to hear your excuses or protests. There is no excuse for the excess wear and tear you exerted on the flyer. As a pilot you should know what going outside of regulations does to the engines and structure of a craft.

Those regulations were put in place for a reason. As the top pilot on this vessel you need to lead by example and that little stunt you played is outrageous. I expect a lot more from you el tee and if you don.t show me that you can follow the rules, you won.t have your position on this ship much longer.

I hope you and I are in understanding.

For now you will report to Lieutenant Finn and tell him you are there to fix my flyer. Only after all repairs are done by you alone will you be able to return to bridge duty. Dismissed Lieutenant..

Harry looked at her , and was about say something but changed his mind and walked out. He turned a sharp right nearlly bumping into someone and went straight to deck 12.


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Stardate 240207.19: Ensign Joanna Stadi, Tactical Officer's Duty Log [Stardate 240207.19|17 38 hours]

=/\= t'Rantha Bridge =/\=

Joanna Looked at her console and waited as the time slowly ticked by. The turbolift doors opened and the next shift arrived releiving most of the officer on the bridge, including herself. She went into the turbolift and waited for the rest to pile on. She stared at her timepiece hoping that at least 10 minutes had gone by. But only 2 had passed. The doors opened and joanna stepped out before anyone else blinked an eye. She went into the transporter room.

"One to beam back to the archer please" She said with a small grin spreading across her face.

The dematerialized and waited for the tingling sensation to disappear round her face and leapt off the padd, gestured a small thanks to the staff member and walked down the corridor.

"Computer where is the base ball game being played in?"

"Sports stadium on Haven" it replied.

She stopped and turned back to the transporter room. She came through the doors ans said.

"Can you tranpost me to where the base ball game is?"

The chief nodded and gestured toward the tranporter padd. She dematerialized a second time but in a sports stadium. She walked to the second row and sat down and watched the teams play. She kept one eye on Cameron and the other switching between the batsmans and the fielders.

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Stardate 240207.18: Commander Sidra MacLaren, Executive Officer's Personal Log [Stardate 240207.18|17 37 hours]

<<OK I really could have cut this into two logs, but nah!>>

=/\= Haven =/\=

The tomato orange colored dust began to cloud her visibility and sting her eyes as the gusts of wind picked it up off the baked earth and flung it at every object in the way. Sidra was one of those objects and the thick dust quickly stuck to every bit of moisture on her exposed skin. After hiking in the extreme heat of the colorful desert for most of the day her body had been covered in a thin film of sweat and was now coated with the dark dust. It was getting so thick her eyes filled with tears trying to clear the film of dust out and her breath was choked, but Sidra didn.t want to leave yet.

This was an unexpected treat and she climbed a rocky hill to get a better view and to try and escape the clouds of dust. The crystal clear sky was quickly being taken over by heavy, thick, menacing clouds as Sidra took a seat on a large warm boulder at the top of the hill. The gusting wind soon turned cool as the clouds came closer. There was a stark line of light and dark that continued to advance toward her location. It almost looked like the clouds were pushing the bright light and heat away like an oversized bully.

Soon the brilliant colors of the desert were wiped away and replaced by a single dull dark orange. The sun failed to penetrate the thick mass but light was soon provided to the land by the storm. Electricity crackled in the now still air and blinding flashes of yellow, blue and purple lightning cleaved the sky, striking the ground and spreading their tentacles through the clouds. The colors of energy were extenuated by the darkness of the clouds that thundered their response behind the lightning. Suddenly the smell of moisture cut through the air and seconds later huge drops of water fell from the overburdened clouds.

They wasting no time in building up their intensity and very soon, the dust that covered Sidra.s skin now ran off her body with the streams of rain that soaked her skin, hair and clothes. She smiled enjoying the cool off the light show around her and the bass filled thunder from the clouds colliding above. Soon enough though the lightning faded, the rain slowed to soft steady fall, and the thunder was moving off with the front of the fast moving storm. Her shirt and khaki shorts were soaked through and she could feel that the water had gone through her hiking boots as well. Sidra.s hair was a matted, wet mess as she pulled her commbadge out of her sack. .MacLaren to Archer. One to beam up..

=/\= Archer.s Transporter Room =/\=

Chief Igor Morgo nodded to Commander MacLaren as she stepped off the transporter pad, leaving a few drops of water behind her. His face was serious but Sid could see the small up turn of his lips as he fought to hold back a smile. She grinned at him, .What Chief?.

He shook his head making sure that tiny smile disappeared, .Nothing Commander, really..

Sidra smiled even bigger, .Come on now Chief, just say it. I know I would if I were you..

He held his smile back a bit as if unsure about the XO.s unusually good mood, .Well you look like something the cat dragged in Commander..

Sidra chuckled, .Aye .tis true Chief. If you hadn.t of beamed me up when you did, I.d of been washed away for sure. You.re a life saver Chief.. She winked and left him wondering what she had been up to as Sidra headed to her quarters for a much needed shower.

=/\= Much Later, Sid.s Office =/\=

The last few days leave on Haven had been wonderful for the overworked Commander, but Sidra felt great putting on the uniform again and diving back into work. This is what she loved and what she was comfortable with. She took her mug of black coffee out of the replicator and starting to dig through reports and messages on her terminal.

MacLaren glanced through most messages to get a feel of what they contained, throwing out the useless junk and saving the stuff she would need to go over in more depth later.

A message from Epsilon Command caught her eye and she read over it carefully. A small smile touched the corners of her lips as she read the note about Kor.s promotion. It was great, but there was a bit of sting in it as well. They.d always been promoted at the same time through their careers. It was a little bit of competition between them, but he had now passed her up. She was happy for him of course, but there was a bit of jealousy there too. Sidra would have to find him a gift for this occasion, but she.d think about that later.

MacLaren dug into the department reports, not expecting to see much as most everyone was on leave. There were some minor injuries and illnesses treated in sickbay. Most of the injuries happened to people on leave overestimating their abilities as they had fun. Nothing of significance in that report however, but she grimaced as Triss was still reported as being off duty. As much as she hated being in sickbay, she really like knowing that his experience was there. His assistants were excellent and Selin was doing great acting as Chief, but there was just something missing with him gone.

She moved onto the report from Engineering, wondering if all leftover damage was repaired. She was pleased to see that the overworked engineers had both enjoyed some time off and had completed all repairs. Holmes and Lee.s marriage was also mentioned in the report and she.d have to remember to send them her congratulations later. Sidra was almost done with the report and started to skim her way to the bottom when the flight operations status from the shuttle bay caught her eye. She began to carefully read Lt Finn.s report. Her mouth turned down to a deep scowl and her brows were furrowed together as the color rose to her cheeks.

Sidra stood up from her desk and quickly strode to the door, hitting her commbadge on her way to the turbolift. .Lieutenants Finn and Trep meet me at the Alpha Flyer..

=/\= Main Shuttle Bay =/\=

She looked over the craft, but the damage done to it was not visibly evident on the outside. Sidra waited for the Ops Chief and Engineer to appear as she looked over James. report again. When they both came in together, she looked at them sternly and said in a restrained voice, .All I want to know is how this happened to *my* flyer.. She realized as soon as she had said, how silly it sounded, but it was hers; or at least her favorite in the shuttle bay. Sidra saw that Gerzon looked a bit lost, .Been on leave eltee?. The operations chief nodded his head and Sidra looked to Finn, .Report to him what was in the engineering report..

She listened to Finn go over the damage that was found on the shuttle during a routine check earlier in the day and watched the Ops Chief nod along in understanding. James went over the cracks found in the hull beams, the parts that needed to be replaced on the combustion chamber, the torn apart intake manifolds. Sidra just shook her head in disgust hearing the damage report out loud. At the end of James. report she looked to the Cop and asked, .Ok so who did this to my flyer?.

.Well Commander, give me a few minutes and I.ll let you know.. She nodded her head and watched him go off to the Flight Ops center. When Trep returned he said simply, .Lieutenant Lefler took the flyer out yesterday Ma.am..

She growled and clenched her fists muttering under her breath, .Damn flyboys, always pushing the limits.. She began to storm off, and then remembered the two she left standing there. .Thank you Gentleman. That is all I need you for.. She then added, .Oh and don.t begin any repairs to flyer yet..

=/\= Sidra.s Office =/\=

She had paged the helm officer just a few minutes ago and tried to calm her temper in the time before his arrival. How successful in that task she had been would be determined on Harry.s arrival. She had read over the shuttle logs since leaving the shuttle bay and it only sparked the fire in her even more. The chime on her door sounded and Sidra stiffened to a no-nonsense stance in her chair. .Come.. Harry Lefler stepped through the doors and came to attention in front of her desk. His face looked emotionless to her and she wondered what he was thinking. She started off in a stern tone and didn.t stop until she was finished with what she had to say. .Lieutenant I don.t even want to hear your excuses or protests. There is no excuse for the excess wear and tear you exerted on the flyer. As a pilot you should know what going outside of regulations does to the engines and structure of a craft. Those regulations were put in place for a reason. As the top ! pi! lot on this vessel you need to lead by example and that little stunt you played is outrageous. I expect a lot more from you el tee and if you don.t show me that you can follow the rules, you won.t have your position on this ship much longer. I hope you and I are in understanding. For now you will report to Lieutenant Finn and tell him you are there to fix my flyer. Only after all repairs are done by you alone will you be able to return to bridge duty. Dismissed Lieutenant..

Sidra never let him get a single word in and watched as he crisply did an about face and exited her office. Her temper was still not appeased though and Sidra went to the replicator for another cup of coffee.

<<Was it long enough for you? :) Ok well, I.m still not officially off LOA yet. but I.m close. And yes I.m working on a baseball log. The Marauders kick ass :P >>

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Stardate 240207.18: Lt. James Finn, Engineering Officer's Personal Log [Stardate 240207.18|17 35 hours]

-=.\=- Haven, Corella Province, Perthia Stadium -=.\=-

James sat in the Dug out with his other team members. He was watching the game and loving every moment of it. Apart from Climbing, Baseball was James' thing. He couldn't wait for his second bat. He had already scored a home run in the first inning and was hoping for a second. Looking around he noticed Amily sitting in the stands, she had decided not to Join in, even after James had tried to persuade her that morning.

The Sun was high and hot. James adjusted his Baseball cap and straightened his glasses onto his face. This was the perfect weather for a game and spirits were high as the crew were really getting into the game. He rubbed his hands together and turned to concentrate on the field.

He was still a little distracted by the earlier ruckus between Angus and Andy. They had erupted into a full on fight and Kor had to steep in to settle things, and inform them of the disciplinary action to follow the next morning, but hey thought James, back to the game.

Kor was on his second hit after a foul ball earlier. Keith threw a beauty of a fastball and took it straight past the Captain. Keith was good, but James had already beaten him before. He was going to try again. P'lakor dug in for the third time and waited for Keith's next pitch. The ball was waist height, not what most players would want, but Kor hit it none the less, on the end of the Bat, hitting it towards Commander Maclaren who scoped the ball and passed it to Rucker who was covering third base. Kor was out, that was it. It was James' turn and the adrenaline was flowing. He walked up and dug in. He looked at the bases, Harry was on second and Looking towards third then fourth and a half run. He Just needed a little help.

James looked down towards Keith who was trying to Psych James out with a cold stare. James had been watching his boss and thought he had an idea of where the Chief Engineer was going to throw it. Keith liked them Low and fast.

"Are you sure you can handle this little baby I'm gettin ready for you James?" joked Keith as he stroked the ball.

"Bring it on sir" James replied almost immediately.

He Smiled at Amily who was watching, looked back to Keith, who was using signals to communicate with Sidra about his next pitch. James took a practice swing and stood ready. Keith threw his ball and released a small grin. James was right. He swung his bar clean and connected with the ball, the force of which he hit the ball sent vibrations down the Bat. He looked up it was out, it had rocketed out of the station and was heading towards an area of trees. {Oh... Yeah!} thought James as he gave Keith a thumbs up.

Harry was already Home and celebrating with Gerzon, Cameron and Kor. James threw his bat to the floor and began his journey around the bases. He just jogged and smiled at the opposition that he was passing. As he got to third he turned around and began to 'Moonwalk' towards fourth base. It was a bet with Angus that if he Managed another homer then he would moonwalk the last section.

He heard a few chuckled from behind him and smiled to Angus who was not looking pretty good seen as he had been kicked outta the game. His team mates congratulated him at the end and he made his way back towards the bench ready for another bat.

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Stardate 240207.18: Captain Kor Gonai, Commanding Officer's Personal Log [Stardate 240207.18|17 33 hours]

<<Finally busted through the firewall at work....:)>>

~~~ Baseball Field ~~~

After the mid-field altercation between Angus and Andy both teams settled back into the game. Kor's team was down by one run and now at bat.

Up to the plate was Harry Lefler. He had gone 1 for 2 so far with a single and strike out. Kor was on deck and had been 0-2 striking out miserably both times up. This game was one Kor knew he would never master. Other than the small "cheating" going on, he was impressed with everyone's ability to play the game.

Of course Angus and Andy would have to answer for their poor sportsmanship tomorrow but right now Kor relaxed and tried to get back into the game and try not to embarrass himself further.

Pitching for Mauraders was Keith. He had pitched a jem so far mixing up his pitches with fastballs, curves and changeups. So far his pitched had the Gladiators perplexed.

Keith's first two pitches were called a ball and a strike. The young Vulcan, Harry, stepped back and took another practice swing then dug back in.

Keith let the ball fly. It looked low and away but Harry swung anyway. Kor heard the wood of the bat connect with the ball, not a solid hit but enough to send a frozen rope over first base. Harry scrambled down the first base line and made it safely.

Kor then took a deep breath and made his way to the plate. Using the "standard" batting stance York had shown him he dug in. He watched as Keith stared down at him. Slowly working his rotation Keith fire away. Kor watched the ball come hurling down at him with great volicity but it looked high. Thinking he was on time Kor took a mighty swing and felt a great vibration as he connected with the fastball.

I did it! His mind screamed as he watched the ball sail up and up. Kor then started to run toward first base. A small grin appearing on his face. Just as he started to round first he heard the first base umpire scream "FOUL BALL!"

"Muqat!" Kor bellowed as he slowed down. Making his way back to home plate he picked up his bat and dug in again. "Strike two!" as Keith's next pitch went low and way in the strike zone. Concentrating even harder Kor watched Keith's hand as he let fly another pitch. This one was inside on Kor's hands but in the strike zone so Kor swung. The ball connected with the smaller end of the bat and grounded toward second base. Sidra easily scooped the ball up and tossed it Rucker who was covering first. "Out!" yelled the umpire. Kor stopped running halfway up the base line. But saw that Harry was safe at second. Well, at least he advanced the runner, he thought.

Kor walked passed home plate as James Finn settled in. Finn was the only person to score for the Gladiators with a solo homerun in the 1st inning. Finn's second at-bat was a flyout. Kor knew Finn was athletic but didn't realize the power he had as well. Finn swung the bat with fluid strength and Kor hoped he could get Harry home......


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Stardate 240209.25: Capt. P'lakor Gonai [CO] & Lt. Cmdr. Selin [CMO], Joint Duty Logs [Stardate 240209.25|13 19 hours]

Selin followed the Captain into his ready room. She was surprised to find herself uncomfortable being alone with him. Not that they had any real history to make her feel that way. One vivid dream and a cold night in a cave.

She focussed herself, ignoring the gnawing feeling in her gut.

"Please, sit down Selin" Kor motioned to a chair.

Selin sat, crossing her feet as they hung above the floor. She decided to get this over with rather than have to 2 of them sit there in uncomfortbale silence.

"What did you want to see me about, sir?" Everything in her report was perfectly clear, she could not fathom that he would have any questions regarding it, especially sense he hadn't even read it yet.

Kor looked across at the tiny Vulcan. Since she had come onboard both have changed and both have moved up the so called ladder. He looked at her stoic face but he could sense that she had something on her mind, which was unusual in itself. Selin was definately different on some levels than most Vulcans and for that he truly admired her.

"Commander, as you know Cmdr Triss will be leaving us upon arrival at SB Aurora, and of course you being the ranking medical officer onboard Archer, I'd like to officially offer you the CMO post. If you agree I will forward the nessassary information to Star Fleet.

Also, I'd like to personally thank you for your excellent work during our latest crisis. Your sharp head and professional manner kept things going when it could have gone very bad. Of course I do have one question for you. What's the deal with the command chair?"

"Sir?" Selin wondered if the Captain might need some more sleep. First things first though. "I, along with the rest of the crew and medical staff especially, wish Cmdr Triss the best. He will be sorely missed. Hopefully the time away from a starship will improve his mental condition. I will ofcourse take oven the CMO post officially." Selin had been expecting this, and had been doing the job of CMO for some time, having it official though added more weight to the task. A heavy responsibility indeed, she hoped she was up to the challenge.

"About the chair" Selin didn't pause between to two subjects, leaving Kor no time to speak, even if he had wanted to. "I assume that someone in an unstable frame of mind due to lack of sleep bronzed the chair. I'm sure the computer has a record of whomever requested a bronzing compound."

"Yes, the computer did have a record. It was somebody in an unstable frame of mind. In fact I now realize they do not even remember the event."

Selin was still confused. Why was Kor asking her about the bronzing of his chair? Then, it hit her. "Do you want me to give this crewman a physical? Make sure they have suffered no permanent mental damage? I can assure you that many of the crew who did not get sleep succumbed to psychosis of some form of another. A good night sleep has cured all cases however."

"No that will not be necessary. Thank you for the report. I will inform Starfleet about our new CMO. Congratulations Lieutenant Commander."

"Thank You sir" Selin left the ready room. As she headed towards the turbolift she carressed her bondmate through their link. They would have to do something about their relationship once they reached Aurora. She would speak with Tag as soon as possible.

All log entries presented here (past, present and future) are the sole property of the email simulation team USS Archer. Any duplication and/or publication of these entries, in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the writer and owner of this journal.

Stardate 240209.25: Lt. Gerzon Trep, Chief Operations Officer's Personal Log [Stardate 240209.25|14 16 hours]

=/\= Holodeck =/\=

Gerzon entered the holodeck dressed in a for him totally new clothing. He was dressed in a combat vest. Getting stabbed by a spear did many thinks to a man's mind. It did different things to different people. To Gerzon, it had showed the need for a brushup in combat training. Although not the same person, that part had been Gerzon out there. The fact that he lasted exactly about three seconds against a savage hadn't been too good for his self-esteem.

He stopped in the centre of the holo-deck and sighed. He didn;t want someone to find out he was here, so he had taken it off his private holo-time. He sighed again. Hopefully Selin wouldn't be too 'vulcan' when Gerzon would report in with numerous bruises. "Computer, access combat training programs. Level 1." "there are the following programs in combat training level 1. Maclaren Alpha, Maclaren Beta" The computer droned on till sigma. Obviously Commander maclaren had been an expert in writing combat training programs. After that there followed about ten programs from Captain Gonai, which Gerzon was surprised about that it even had a level 1. Following these were five programs used currently for security officers. Gerzon couldn't use those as Lieutenant Yeo would find out probably. Gerzon sighed. But the list wasn't over yet. "Program SalekAlpha. " A program from Fleet Captain Salek? Gerzon was surprised. He knew somethings about the former captain of the Archer, it's first even. "Computer access program SalekAlpha. Authority Trep zero four green nine." "Program accessed."

Gerzon stood in a room, some sort of dojo. It had a general white light shining in from all sides. There wasn't much detail programmed outside the dojo, just white light. There were no weapons on the brown walls. The walls looekd thin, and had no decoration. Salek had written this program purely for some practice probably. Gerzon wondered how often he had used it. "Computer, set difficulty on lowest. configure for average trill strenght." Start slowly his mother had always said. An advice Gerzon should take to his hearth more often probably.

"Select opponent. "
Four opponents came into view at the opposide of the dojo Gerzon was standing in. the first was a vulcan, the second a klingon woman, then a black human and a female bolian. "I'll take the human." Gerzon whispered to himself.

=/\= Later =/\=

Gerzon had taken some of the lessons but he could feel the bruises coming up already. The man he had chosen as an opponent was better then Gerzon. He was bald and didn;t say anything. They had just started fighting. The black man had signalled Gerzon to begin. Gerzon had remembered some of his training but hadn't been able to hit him.

"Don't try to hit me, just do it. " said the man. Gerzon took a stance and attacked. He tried to hit im with a high kick but Gerzon easily got knocked of his feet. For a moment his vision went black and he though a voice say. "Morpheus is fighting Gerzon" and a ruffle of feet as several people ran towards something. A moment later Gerzon's vision returned to normal. He saw the black man jump high in the air to deliver a kick. He hit Gerzon in the chest and Gerzon was thrown back to a wooden part of the wall. Gerzon noticed it was from paper.

He felt bruised. "Computer, end program. " Gerzon decided that brushing up on his combat skills onhis own had been a bad idea.. a very bad one even as he felt the pain in his chest. This was going to be the mother of all bruises.

=/\= Gerzon's quarters a LOT later =/\=

Amily hadn't been happy and Gerzon would probably consider himself lucky it hadn't been Selin who had been on duty. He lay down. He needed some rest and sleep. He had a lot to do on Aurora when they would arrive.

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Stardate 240209.25: Lt. James Finn, Engineering Officer's Duty Log [Stardate 240209.25|15 16 hours]

=== USS Archer ===

As the Tall Engineer clipped his Comm. Badge on he had a cheeky grin on his face, he had slept well and was rejuvenated. Strolling out the door he decided to take the route through the Mess Hall, even though the mess hall and Engineering were in opposite directions...

Walking in he received a few nods from other officers. Looking around he saw a few friends and...some muffins on the counter. He walked over to the muffins and conspicuously took one. He was however interrupted by a female, It was Jewles.

"Great Muffins Jewles!" he grinned.

"Well, thank you very much" she smiled back at him. "Shouldn't you be on duty right about..."

"Keith to Finn."

"Now!" she grinned.

"Go ahead sir" James swallowed some muffin.

"I'd like to see you in Engineering, now."

"On my way" James said and Jewles threw him another muffin.

=== Engineering / In the Time it takes to eat a Muffin! ===

Finn walked through the door stretching his arms and heading towards Keith who was seeing to some guy, that suprisedly he didn't know after a year on the archer. Looking around he saw that Keith had already kick started the repairs into overdrive. James figured that Kor didn't want to spend forever at Aurora. As the unidentifiable guy moved off James saw his chance and moved in.

"Ah Finn, good." Molir Paused. "I'd like you to head over to the t'Rathna and compile a full, systems and damage report. Also assess the Engineering Crew over there, I want to know if they are up to the job."

"Aye sir!" James replied quickly. "I'll get right on it."

"Oh and James..." Keith signalled that Finn had a few crumbs on his face. "Use a napkin next time."

James wiped the pieces of rogue muffin from his face and headed out towards the Transporter room.

===== USS t'Rathna ======

As Lieutenant James Finn rematerialized on the Transporter Pad he had an upside down frown on his face, god knows what state the t'Rathna was in. He just had the feeling Keith was gonna assign him to a repair crew aboard here. He nodded to Rachel who was manning the transporter controls and started his stroll down to Engineering. As he roamed the halls he remembered how when they had salvaged it not long ago it was a dark, dank desolate ship. Barron, crewless... it reminded him of the Archer, the one on YT-826 that is. He still couldn't push those images of the Mighty sovereign class ship in tatters on the primitive world, it was hard to think that possibly he was doomed to die on that place. But who knows, perhaps he and Amily had escaped to a planet in which they had prophesised the coming of the Mighty Finn and revered him as a god...or on the other hand perhaps there was another tribe on 826 called the Finnyites.

Before James could get his head around the over imaginative things in his head he realised he was already in Engineering. And to for some reason the Rat, was lookin pretty good. The Engine room was in good nick, granted other systems weren't at their best, but Engineering looked ok.

Walking over to him was Ensign Daniel Hsu. He looked tired, and worn down.

"Greetings Sir, what can we do for you?" Daniel put on his best face.

"Well, a full systems rundown...but I can do that" he smirked.

Daniel just looked at him weary eyed, pale faced and clammy before he collapsed to the floor.

"Dang!" James muttered as he rushed to Hsu's aid. Without even thinking he contacted the Archer and requested Hsu be beamed over to the Archer's sickbay, even though the t'Rathna had its own.

<< Just felt like loggin this. Anyone for a JL, cos finny sure would like to get off that ship>>

All log entries presented here (past, present and future) are the sole property of the email simulation team USS Archer. Any duplication and/or publication of these entries, in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the writer and owner of this journal.

Stardate 240209.25: Lt. Commander Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer's Duty Log [Stardate 240209.25|17 14 hours]

.=/\=. USS Archer / Main Engineering .=/\=.

... Keith grabbed another cup of coffee from the food replicator. He had just finished recollecting the events he experienced while in the dream state. Kam will have a while so compile all the information submitted but it would be interesting to hear the results of her finding.

"Computer," he asked, "what is the current time?" The computer responded promptly with the current ship time. "Computer, where is Lt. Finn?" The ship's computer again responded accordingly.

Keith tapped his comm-badge, "Keith to Finn." He waited for a response.

"Go ahead, sir." Finn's voice answered.

Keith said, "I'd like to see you in Engineering, now."

"On my way," and the comm-signal closed.

"Commander, if you have a moment, I need you to double check my settings and configurations prior to going ahead with the changes."

Keith nodded and stepped out of his bubble, commonly known as his office.

Few minutes had passed when he noticed James Finn walking into Engineering with his arms stretched. 'Guess he had a good rest ... he deserved it,' he thought to himself. As Finn approached. "Ah, Finn. Good," he paused. "I'd like you to head over to the t'Rathna and compile full systems and damage report. Also assess the engineering crew over there. I want to know if they're up to the job."

"Aye sir!" James replied quickly. 'Okay, he's a little too chipper ... someone must have switched coffee's on him' Molir thought. "I'll get right on it."

"Oh, and James..." Keith started to say and as James turned about, Keith signalled to Finn, indicating that he had a few crumbs on his face, "Use a napkin next time."

Just as Finn left engineering, Keith walked over to the ensign that had approached him earlier to review his work.

.=/\=. USS Archer / Un-disclosed Corridor .=/\=.

Keith had been working at Engineering for a couple of hours now and figured a small break would help speed things along. An exhausted engineer is not good for the ship or her crew. Molir had taken a couple of turbo-lifts randomly to see where it would put him. Before he knew it, he arrived at a corridor that he was had never visited during his service on board the Archer.

The crowd level was low for it's current time, very little traffic in and out of the corridor and an occasional 'Sir' from the lower ranking officers on board. As he kept walking, he came up upon a corridor name plate and realized where the turbo-lift had dumped him.

"Computer," he said, "access authorization, Lieutenant Commander Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineer -- voice authorization: gamma-four-four-seven-three-delta-alpha-one".

The computer responded: [Authorization Granted].

The doors swung open, revealing a technology that was available to the Archer but not used since the initial test run. Molir noticed the posted security guards around the area, watching him -- except for the few engineers that regularly come to this section for duty, Molir is one of the engineers the security guards hadn't seen in this room before -- though they know who he is.

One of the engineers turned around to greet the commander, "Commander, is there a problem?"

"No," he answered, "there's no problem. How are things here?"

"As well as can be expected with all that's happened."

Molir replied, "Understandable. What's the status?"

"She took some damage and the crystal lattice within the inner lining needs to be re-crystalized, but the main components are still operational and much of the damages can be repaired before we reach SB Aurora."

"Good. I couldn't believe we didn't use this device. It would have been invaluable..." Molir said looking back at the events that's happened. "Anyways, so long as things are handled here. As you were."

"Aye, sir."

Molir gave himself another quick look around the area before leaving the section. "Well, it's back to engineering."

All log entries presented here (past, present and future) are the sole property of the email simulation team USS Archer. Any duplication and/or publication of these entries, in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the writer and owner of this journal.

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